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We are the manufacturer distributor of the finest and most natural Celtic grey Sea salts from Europe which have been hand harvested using old Celtic methods.  Our Celtic Grey Sea Salt has been harvested the same way since the 9th Century using traditional Celtic methods. Our sea salts are totally natural and unrefined which gives them their grey colour. As a result our Celtic Sea salts come packed full of essential minerals and goodness which other salts simply lack! Our Celtic Grey sea salt is 100% natural and unprocessed, full of naturally occurring minerals and healthier than using any other processed table salt. Celtic Grey Sea salt is also a great aid to re fueling the body’s electrolytes and mineral levels.

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Celtic Grey Sea salts are 100% traditional products, harvested by hand every day during summer from authentic salt works, maintained in their original state by generations of “paludiers” (salt workers). Our product is harvested with the same tools as those used over the centuries and it is additive-free.
As such, it is not comparable with other pseudo-traditional industrial salts which have arrived on the market over the past decades.



The harvesting technique used  was developed over a thousand years ago, probably by monks , who lived  from 845. It followed from the earlier “ignigène” (evaporation by fire) method which was widespread along the  Atlantic coast, but which required more workers and the use of fire.

Harvesting can only take place once the system has reached saturation (several months heating) and with the right climate conditions – heat, wind, absence of rain. This can lead to a short harvesting period lasting on average from June to the beginning of September.

Celtic sea salt harvesterA daily harvest directly on the clay bed is necessary for Celtic Grey Sea salt. Our product is therefore softer.   It is this characteristic which has always given Celtic grey salt its quality, and which brings to our original celtic Grey Salt  its physical characteristics (colour, crumbly texture), chemical properties (a natural salt, richer in minerals (magnesium, calcium, potassium, oligo-elements)) and organoleptic properties (a taste without bitterness or pungency).

Already in the 18th century, it was noted that people preferred it for its moisture absorption, delicious qualities, and its large crystals with strong dehydrating power which removed water from food and made brine. It was also reputed for its whiteness and the small quantity of earth particles.